My Weight Loss

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blog Slacker

Blog slacker Yes that would be me! I had so many intentions of getting on the computer and updating but it didn't happen. Like so many other things in my life.
I have been working on a plan to get cardio back into my life. I have been walking with my friends at lunch time at school. So my plan is as follows:
Cardio 6 days a week at least 1/2 hour.
Upper body workout 3 days a week
Legs 2 days a week + walking
My vision is to lose the extra fat and flab that has accumulated. I want to get my arms ripped and become stronger not only to look better in short sleeves but also to have the strength for massages. I think I will be able to perform an even better massage with the flab gone.
My legs still need work mostly toning so that is my goal on them.
The cardio will most likely be done in the evenings when I get home from school.
So that is the plan. I was hoping to have things (life) more under control by now but it has been crazy. Between studying, finals and family life the time is literally taken away.
Hope everyone is doing great. I will try to get around and catch up on all you wonderful people. Hugs, Bobbi Jo