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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Virtual 5K Run

A while back I signed for my first Virtual 5K with Krissy at Not Fast Just Fabulous .
All the money that was donated for the sign up was for 
Challenged Athletes Foundation.
We had to send in proof of our mileage. 
This was the start. This is my fun Fitbit
This was at the end. I lost track of time/miles. 
It was a lot of fun. 
I have to be honest though I ran/ speed-walked this race. But I was steady with it. 
I also belong to a group on Facebook called "I Run 4". It was started this year by a gentlemen named Tim Boyle who had a lift change. 
Here is the link you can watch about it   I RUN 4.
This group started and when you sign up you can be put on a list to be matched up with a buggy. A person (usually a child) that is unable to exercise.
My buddy is JJ who is 4 almost 5. He is a twin and he has Cerebral Palsy and a catastrophic seizure disorder called Infantile Spasms.
He is such a precious & sweet little guy.
So when I did this 5K I RAN FOR JJ!

Scary picture right after run.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo