My Weight Loss

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Virtual 5K Run

A while back I signed for my first Virtual 5K with Krissy at Not Fast Just Fabulous .
All the money that was donated for the sign up was for 
Challenged Athletes Foundation.
We had to send in proof of our mileage. 
This was the start. This is my fun Fitbit
This was at the end. I lost track of time/miles. 
It was a lot of fun. 
I have to be honest though I ran/ speed-walked this race. But I was steady with it. 
I also belong to a group on Facebook called "I Run 4". It was started this year by a gentlemen named Tim Boyle who had a lift change. 
Here is the link you can watch about it   I RUN 4.
This group started and when you sign up you can be put on a list to be matched up with a buggy. A person (usually a child) that is unable to exercise.
My buddy is JJ who is 4 almost 5. He is a twin and he has Cerebral Palsy and a catastrophic seizure disorder called Infantile Spasms.
He is such a precious & sweet little guy.
So when I did this 5K I RAN FOR JJ!

Scary picture right after run.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Catching Up, Work Outs & Injury

It seems like it has been forever since I posted last and well it has been WAY too long.
It has been almost 5 weeks since I last posted here.
My workouts have gone really well.
I finished up Week 4 (round 2 ) of the 12 Week Program.
My lifting weight has raised a little in most lifts. Feeling good and happy with progress. 
Then last Saturday it happened.
I was 3 jumping jacks away from being done with my workout when my right leg slid and it made a strange noise. Not a popping just a out of the normal noise. 
My leg swelled up and it hurt to bend or put pressure on it. 
So ice, rest, ice, rest and more for the next 3 days.
I then proceeded to go down the road of depression. 
Feeling like I came all this way and was making progress with being able to lift more seeing some progress in the muscles. WHY?????? Stupid doubt and depression.
Pulling myself out of the depression is not always so easy.
Then today on I had to update my progress photos. 
There seems to be NO CHANGE yet my work pants are sliding down as I give massage and I step on them.
 The first ones in all black are from August 2, 2013 
The ones in the pink top are from today October 26, 2013. 
Time to get off the pity party train, make a plan to change things and get this moving along. 
I have been stuck here for WAY too long. 
Feeling a little ill looking at these right now. 
I will post my changes and let you know what is going on when the plan is made.
Healthy living, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Workout Week One

Workout Week One went great.
I had a couple days that I didn't feel top notch.
Once I got started they did get better.
I have had to basically talk myself into getting off my butt and getting to work.
I don't know if I am under stress, depressed or what is going on.
Well I know some of it is not eating the greatest.
Saturday, Sunday and Monday  were rest days.
I totally took advantage of the rest days. I woke up Sunday feeling horrible
and I slept most of the day.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, September 22, 2013

12 Week Trainer Starting Up

Tomorrow I am starting this program from
I have done this specific program but not in it's fullness. Meaning there were some of the exercises that I didn't do. So this time I am hitting it full force.
Jamie Eason is such an inspiration.
The program starts out with 4 days of lifting with no cardio. Then adding cardio after the lifting in the 2nd phase. I plan on doing some cardio along with it just because I have been doing cardio and I want to lose body fat.
I will keep you up to date on the changes as I go along.
I haven't made any progress in loss but here is my picture from 9-18-2013
 Side view .......gag I need to get rid of that stomach area.
This is where I am at and ready to make the changes to make the changes in me.
On ward and forward no looking back.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Dream Body

 I have been thinking a lot of why the progress has slowed down.
I have come up with some things.
1. I am not working as hard as I was
2. I am not eating enough or eating things that I shouldn't 
3. Not having the vision. 
This is my dream body.
 I can't give credit to who owns this.
This is Jamie Eason and she is just beautiful and I would love to have her arms ( okay I would love to have her body too) 

The legs that I would love to have would be these. 
So back to the three things I thought of. 
I can change these
1. I can work harder, often and change it up.
2. I can eat more of healthy food that my body needs. I am going to start juicing again.
3. I have been trying to work on the visualization part. I still can't picture myself as I will look at the 
maintenance stage. This bothers me but, I am working on this. 
Having these pictures help me to put ME together. Now to get it all together and put my head on it. 
I am so glad that this is a start to a new month. I love the beginning of the months. I have decided due to the heat & weather here in Arizona June, July and August are my least favorite months and now these are behind me for this year. 
Looking for word to cooler weather in the coming months.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another BOO BOO

WARNING! Yucky toe pictures 

On Monday I was out in my gym  garage where my workout equipment is.
 I was lifting and having a great time. 
 I was picking up the weights out of the holders getting ready to do dumbbell rows.
I started to lift the weight and one of the individual weights fell off and fell on my right foot.
Tuesday my foot was hurting ,but I thought it was the third toe that I had clipped off the end 2 weeks ago.
Thank you OCD for let me doing a little too much clipping.
Anyway I wasn't able to wear shoes for a week due to it. 
So I took off my sneakers and look at my foot and saw that my toe cleavage was bruised. 
The big toe was fin but the 3 toes were puffy after having my shoe off for a while. 
I know it doesn't look too bad and it could have been worse. 
 Excuse the chipped polish. Lamo pedicure! 
I really need to be more careful with my weight and my feet. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

WOW I Was Nominated

I was nominated for the LIEBSTER Award by Audrey of Exposed :On My Way to a Better Me 
I am so excited and honored for this nomination. 
Now I must share 11 random facts about me:
1. I tend to be an emotional eater
2. I use to be a power lifter
3. I want to be a everyday runner but it is so hard for me to do.
4. I don't like negative people
5. I like to smile and make others smile
6. I once ate 7 bowels of salsa all by myself at MiAmigos
7. I have a habit of smelling people as they walk by (creepy maybe)
8. I drool a lot when I sleep
9. I get major anxiety when I am in crowds, especially the grocery store
10. I was engaged 4 times before I met my husband
11. I have a shoe fetish.

11 Questions for the Nominated Bloggers
   1. What is your favorite book?  Little House on the Prairie, 
   2. Why did you start blogging?  My oldest daughter talked me into it. 
   3. Who inspires you the most?  Different people for different things.
   4. Any advice for new bloggers? Have fun, be honest and pictures are a must every once in a while. 
   5. What do you like to do in your free time? Read blogs 
   6. Do you have a favorite workout? If so, what? Weight lifting and running are tied.
   7. What is your greatest achievement so far? In life are my children. Person was graduating from massage school. 
   8. What is your favorite movie? Christmas with the Kranks 
   9. What is one of your goals for the future? To be able to run 4 miles as my warm up by the end of this year. 
  10. If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go? Ireland 
  11. What is your favorite TV show?  I Love Lucy.

Now I am going to nominate 11 bloggers

1. The Lucas Gang
2. The Hammond Family 
3. More Ham and Cheese Please
4. Sunny Corner Farm
5.Simply Shelly
6. Be It Ever So Humble 
7. Skeleton In My Closet 
8. Kicking Kilos 
9. The Princess and The Tornado
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11. Under The Son Farm
Now my 11 questions for my nominated bloggers

1. What was your dream when you were a young child?
2. What things do you like to make and eat?
3. What is your favorite thing to do in free time?
4. What is your favorite indulgence?
5. What is your all time favorite book that you could read over and over?
6. What is your favorite movie you can watch over and over?
7. What is your favorite day of the week?
8. What is your favorite piece of clothing to wear?
9. What is your favorite time of the day or night?
10. What is your favorite thing to do to renew yourself?
11. Do you play an instrument?

To the nominated bloggers, here are the rules to follow:

   1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
   2. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
   3. Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
   4. Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers. They should be bloggers that you believe     deserve some recognition and a little blogging love.
   5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers that you nominated to answer.
   6. Let all of the bloggers know that they've been nominated. You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


So not only have I been a blog slacker but also a fitness slacker. 
For two weeks we had gone to Pinetop on vacations for 4 days each. The other 3 days of the week I did my workouts. I didn't eat terrible but I didn't eat fantastic either. 
 Then the week after that when we were home I was feeling just lousy. I had a ear infection that my body just wanted to shut down and sleep, sleep and more sleep.
This week was much better. I did my workouts, kicked up the weights and felt every muscle that I had worked after it was done and still a couple days later. 
Eating is better but I don't think I have been eating enough so I need to up that.
I am at a plateau it seems or it could be that I didn't have my period in July and I am feeling bloated and gross. (Sorry if that was too much information).
I have to wonder if I am headed into menopause? 
This truly scares that crap out of me! 
Any way I am going to tweak up my program adding more running and cardio along with continuing with the weight training.
I decided to start training in my running in my bare feet on the treadmill. 
I thought it was a blister but seems that I just took off some layers of the skin. 

 I took pictures for progress yesterday and I am seeing a little but not much,
But a little is better than none.
 The pictures on the left (in the socks) are from June and the ones on the right in the sneakers are from yesterday. I am seeing loss in the belly and the waist and thighs. 
These always get me depressed. GRRRRRRRR! 
So this is it for now. 
On with life, working out, eating clean and making every day a new start.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update Of Workouts

I haven't been on top of the blogging lately.
Life has been somewhat busy, but that is no excuse.
I thought it was time to check in.
My workouts have been going really well.
I am in my 5th Week of a 12 week program on of Jamie Eason. 
When I started I had already been doing the Couch to 5K program so I didn't want to quit that. On Jamie's program I wasn't suppose to start the cardio till this week so bonus points for me. 
 I am running 3 times a week
Lifting 6 days a week
100 Jumping Jacks everyday
I am currently doing a squat challenge and a plank challenge that I love .
Feeling the soreness is so awesome.
Running is something I use to love and still do.
I am getting stronger and seeing little changes in my body,
for instance the coolest one the other day was I was dancing in between workouts in the garage and I happened to look at myself in the mirror. What did I see? I actually saw that my arm wasn't flapping anymore. My triceps are firming up AWESOME!!!!!!
I also have lost in my legs that I can notice.
My work pants are starting to be a little too big.To the point of them sliding down and I start to walk on them. I don't want to buy new ones for a bit though so I will deal with them.
 I have bought 2 new pairs of running shoes.I found that I can't have an instep in my shoe. It kills my feet. So I found some inexpensive shoes and I love them. 
These are the ones I wear a lot.
These I wear to work sometimes just to have comfort while working on clients.
These will have to hold me over until I buy my vibram shoes. 
I haven't weighed myself or taken measurements recently so I need to do that.
Eating has been good. I have had a few times of eating a little more than I had planned or having a snack but keeping food as healthy as possible.
I have not had any fast food or soda for (5 weeks this Saturday). I am really proud of myself. 
I am loving feeling better and seeing results.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo  

The Dangers of Aspartame (Diet Coke Zero Side Effects Poisoning Pepsi Ma...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Doctor Visit

Last Thursday I noticed something odd on my nail so I did a little research on it. In massage school we were taught to look for things that are out of the norm.This wasn't normal and I would rather be safe than sorry. Made an appointment to set my mind at ease. 
Today I went to the Doctor and she said what I had on my nail was probably due to age. I had a few more questions for her and she was great with talking with me. 
I had noticed that the past month or so when I sweat (yes making my fat cry) it has a strange odor to it like a   
acid smell almost. So the Doctor had the lab do an all over blood work, one for my thyroid and one for my metabolism. I can't wait to get the results back. 
Now on to the fabulous part of my Doctor visit.
 I got there and when they called me back they always take your weight, pulse and temperature.
I stepped on the scale and I weighed one more pound than I did last time I blogged it on here. Well I knew that scale had always weighed me a little more or so I thought, plus I had already had my morning protein shake, eggs (2 egg whites & 1 egg) and a lot of water. 
I came home and took my clothes off and weighed myself and I have lost another
are you ready for this?................
3.4 pounds. WHAT?
Can you imagine the surprise to me. I am happy, super happy!! 
Doing the happy dance.
 I am also seeing changes in the muscle tone of my body
Mind you I still a ways to go but I have come a long way so far and I am very excited about the changes that are still to come. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, June 14, 2013

Clearing Out

Clearing out clothing that doesn't fit anymore is FUN! 
I started this about 2 or 3 weeks ago and apparently something sparkly caught my eye
and I got distracted.
I got so much more done today. 
When I started I had just 5 items.
In this first photo I have 2 bathing suites, 3 tanks, 4 blouses and one of my favorite 
(yet most unflattering) pair of paints. 
Here are tighty whities that I no longer fit into or want in the trash.
I didn't think you needed to see my new bottoms so no picture of them. 
Socks & nylons that no longer serve me well. 
These are the 2 pair of nylons, 1 pair cozy soft socks and 9 pairs of everyday socks. 
I just love the bright colors. 
Not only am I loving that there is more color in my life, things are fitting better and I have more space.
Along with the fat clutter going away so is my clothing clutter. 
Day by day I am working towards my goal.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Friday, May 31, 2013

New Items For My Inspiration

I needed some new shoes for work. 
 I have been wearing the same shoes I work out in to work to give massages and there 
just wasn't enough airing out time for my comfort. 
So I got these pretty pair of  Ryka.
 They are designed by women for women. 
This is the bottom. My favorite colors together. 
 And front view.
I am going to give these a try running tomorrow or Monday just to see how they work out.
I am asking for a pair of VIBRAM toe shoes for running for my Birthday. 
Today I was at Ross with Gabby & Faith and found these cute workout/weight gloves. 
I don't want to have callouses on my hands so these are perfect.  
Now you might ask "Why the one pink finger nail?" Well I will tell you.
I see all these ladies/girls that have their nails painted and the one fingernail on each hand is a different color. I have to clip my nails daily because they grow so fast. I think it is due to the lotions and oils I use for massages. So it is really not worth me having all my nails painted so I thought well I will do this one nail on the ring finger of each hand and have the rest clear. 
I am trying to start a new trend. he he 
I took progress pictures, but honestly I am NOT seeing the progress. So I decided to just share the picture of my back pose. No muscle to brag about there but what a great farmers tan I have on my left arm. 
It has been a rough week mentally this past week. I haven't given my all in my workouts and I have been eating with not much thought to it. No planing or preparation so not eating super healthy. Going to bed at a decent time hasn't happened all week and this plays a major part in my mental health and mind set. 
Working my way out of the feelings I am having and getting back on the wagon.
I have come to far to stop now and I WILL NOT slide back to where I was. 
On to bigger and better changes and tweaking things to see progress. 
Healthy living, Bobbi Jo 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This Week So Far

This week so far has been rough for me. 
I haven't felt the greatest.
Workouts have not bee up to a fantastic standard but doing some.
A little disappointed in myself but not beating myself up. 
Beating myself up does NO GOOD whatsoever. I have learned in the past.
I need to rest get better, eat better and take care of myself. 
Hoping to feel back on top of my game enough to get in a good workout and have a productive day.
After the measurement loss last week I have no right to do so now.
Move on and get back on the habits of life that will help me be successful and reach my goals.
Living Healthy, Bobbi Jo

Ultimate Runner's Guide

The Ultimate Runners GuideGet health and fitness tips at

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inches Update

WOO HOO!!! I am super excited
These are my new fitness toys
The one on the left lets you measure your body in different areas and locks it into place so you don't have to have anyone else to help. 
The second is a fat caliper. Still playing around with this one. 

Just took my measurements I have lost 1/2 inch on chest, 1 inch on arms, 1/2 inch on hips,
1 inch on waist, 1/2 inch on thighs, 1/2 inch on calves and 1 inch on forearms. 
No pictures taken this month. No excuses other than just couldn't do it.
I have gotten myself a personal on line trainer. When I did a boot-camp back in 2009 he was my trainer and I think the world of him. I will be writing more about this training, giving information to you all and
updating my progress as I lose body fat and gain lean muscles. 
As for now I am super surprised I have lost this many inches. YEA!!!
I am thinking that the runnig, lifting, squats, push ups and all the extras are paying off. 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, May 4, 2013


I have been doing 100 jumping jacks daily for over a month now along with my workouts
 and so it is time to kick it up a notch. 
These are the challenges I am doing for May.
So far so good! 

My thighs hate me during and after I do the squats but I know how amazing they are for my lower body.

Who wants to join me on these challenges? 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

Head Band & Toxins

I got this head band last week from Disks Sporting Goods it is called a Sweaty Band.
This is an amazing headband. It's stays in place and catches the sweat that my fat is crying. 
When you are done with your workout you wash it by hand, wring it out and let it dry and it is good to go for the next day. LOVE it!! 

It comes in different patterns and colors I just love this one. 
Since I am trying to get toxins out of my life I decided that May will be my greener month .
These are the items I got to make the products I have made so far. 
OOPS forgot the apple cider vinegar in the picture. 

I made deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo or no poo and rinse.
The pink spray bottle is the shampoo and the white spray bottle is the rinse. 
The little bottle on the left is toothpaste and on the right deodorant. 

Deodorant - it is a little dryer but works very good. 
I haven't noticed a difference than when I was using clinical strength deodorant. 
 This is the toothpaste. 
There are many blogs and you tube channels that have a bunch of different recipes for the following, this is just the ones I used and like. 

Recipes are as follows:

1/4 cup Organic virgin coconut oil
1/4 cup Baking soda
1/4 cup Arrow root

In a bowl mix baking soda & arrow root powder with a wisk. Then add the coconut oil and mix till well blended. Put in jar. You could add essential oil if you wanted too but I like the smell of the coconut and after I put it on the smell fades. 
After shower or bath put fingers in jar and run into arm pit. It doesn't take very much either.

1/4 cup Organic virgin coconut oil 
1/2 cup Baking soda
5 Tablespoons of Xylitol- it is a natural sweetener (due to the saltiness of the baking soda you may or may not want to add this.) It also has micro-bacterial killer in it so it is great for the toothpaste.
2 teaspoons of Peppermint oil (this makes it closer to the toothpaste taste most of us are use to) this is optional.
Mix together in a bowl. I like mixing the dry contents first then the wets. Put in jar and just dip toothbrush into jar to brush teeth.
This makes your teeth feel so clean and fresh. I am loving it! 

No-Poo or shampoo
1 Tablespoon Baking soda
1 cup cold water

Mix in spray bottle. Shake up before each use. 
After you wet your hair you spray this on the hair. It doesn't take very much, rub through and rinse.
I like to concentrate on the scalp with a good massage through before rinsing. 


1/2 cup Apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup water

You can use less vinegar if you don't have dry hair. Mix in a spray bottle and shake before each use.
After you have no-pooed or just rinse your hair in the morning spray this through your hair and rinse.

I also like to rinse my hair with a cheap mouthwash due to I get itchy scalp and this seems to help. I saw this on Dr. Oz show and it works. Rinse with water and fix hair as normal.

You will notice an adjustment period to your hair. This method strips off all the built up chemicals from the shampoos, conditioners, gels and hair sprays. After a week or so the hair grows a custom to it and is beautiful. 

I have more green moves I want to make to get myself and my home toxin free to come. 

If you try it let me know. Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fitness Rewards

Workouts have been going really good. I just finished up the 6th week of Couch to 5K. Running is going great. I wish I could run faster but I am at least hanging in there and able to finish up the running.
I also have been lifting weights twice a week, full body. 
On Friday when I got done working out I was truly feeling it. I started up stairs and ended up 
going up on all fours. Love that I am feeling the soreness and seeing slow results.
This is my new favorite saying

I have been wearing mostly the same thing working out lately 
so I decided I needed to switch it up a little bit
I went and got these two cute workout tops.
The black one has a built in bra and the pink is just to wear over the other one.
I will only be wearing these in my garage gym so I think they are okay. 
 I then bought these three bras to wear under my workout built in bras but they 
have NO support what so ever. They might go back to the store
They were cheap ones so no biggy but I really wanted something with much more support. 
I love this. It is a 32 oz. water bottle so I can keep track of how much I am drinking. I use all three of my water bottles then I have a pink cup with a straw that I use for my water with chia seeds.
This is one of my favorite so far.
I got these sweet little headphones.
They stay in my ears so well as I am running and lifting. 
Love my new fun fitness things. I hadn't bought anything as my rewards for a while so this was a real treat. 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weigh In Up Date

I stepped on the scale this morning and I was happy to see 
1 pound loss. YEAH!!! 

Absolutely NOT!!! 
Very happy with every once pound and inch I lose.
I actually noticed a slight change in my upper arm yesterday too.
I finished my 5th week of Couch to 5 K 
I am feeling better when I run and not winded so much.
Great feeling to be able to run again.
I can only imagine how I will feel once I have lost another 10, 15, 20 or 50 pounds. 
Healthy Living , Bobbi Jo 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tips and Tricks To Eating Clean

I am not sure where I got this from but I love it. I feel is it great information to share. Enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

1.Eat clean wholesome foods and avoid processed foods you wouldn’t find naturally on the planet. Stick mainly to: Fruits, Vegetables and leafy greens, Poultry and other lean protein, whole grains, lean dairy(like greek yogurt), and raw nuts and seeds.
2.Read ingredient lists on everything, the shorter the ingredient list the better! For example if im buying orange juice the ingredient list should only say “orange juice” but many times you will find a whole list of ingredients many of which you cant even pronounce, these things were not meant to be consumed in nature. You really need to be careful and read everything. The best thing is to just avoid packaged, processed foods, and anything with a long shelf life. Stick to fresh produce as much as possible.
3.Invest in a juicer and make your own fruit/veggie juices.(this should count in your intake as a snack or meal) This is a great way to give your body a lot of the vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, etc. without putting a burden on your digestive tract. You will find you have more energy because your body isn’t using as much energy to break down your food as it would with a solid food. Digestion takes A LOT of energy from your body. They are also suprisingly filling and you will end up consuming more fruits and veggies than you normally would from eating them alone. You can find juicing recipes online, don’t be afraid to experiment! Some fruits and veggies wont get you much of a juice output, some of the ones ive found to give the most juice are apples, carrots, celery, cucumber, tomato, pineapple.
4.Make smoothies, they are a nice way to have a healthy treat and like the juice are less of a burden on your digestive system than solids would be. You can find many smoothie recipes on tumblr and elsewhere online.
5.Drink lots of water, and herbal tea(brewed yourself). You can add fresh lemon slices and cucumber slices to your water for a better flavor, to give your more nutrition, and this will also help keep you full longer. A good alternative if your a soda drinker is to buy a sparkling water( I use “lacroix” its a naturally flavored sparkling water) and add a NATURAL sweetener to it, DO NOT USE SPLENDA. Use stevia. I use sun crystals packets which is a combo of natural sugar cane and stevia. I actually find it more sweet than regular sugar. 
6.Eat more frequently(about every 3 hours) in smaller snack sized amounts. Remember portion control, dont let your 5 snacks a day turn into 5 meals a day, you will gain weight. Your snacks should be small enough to fit in one of your hands. For example a handful of almonds is a snack, an apple is a snack, a sandwhich is not a snack) *If you dont like the idea of 5 small snacks a day you could do 3 small snacks and 2 meals a day in this order(S,M,S,M,S) Eating smaller amounts throughout the day helps you because you feel like your eating more(you dont have to go very long periods of time without eating something.) It’s less of a burden on your digestive system, and it helps speed up the metabolism by giving you little boosts thoughout the day. Do snack in between these meals.(3 hours is often enough) 
7.chew your food thoroughly to help your digestive system break down the food more efficiently. If you chew for a longer period of time it will also help you realize when your full faster than you would if you just scarf down your food, and you will probably end up eating less. Also you get different flavors out of  your food if you chew it longer that you normally wouldn’t get if you don’t give yourself time to enjoy each bite. 
8.If you have a craving for unhealthy food or feel like snacking at a time you shouldn’t drink some water, or tea, or brush your teeth. 
9.Don’t be an emotional eater. Only eat when hungry, if your following the eating every 3 hours thing just follow that. You won’t be hungry if your eating that frequently. NEVER eat when full.
Do not eat if you are only eating out of:
  • Boredom 
  • Sadness
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Celebration
  • Or because your feel you need to to make someone else happy. 
these are all examples of emotional or social eating and they have nothing to do with your body NEEDING food. Your body only needs food for fuel, for nutrition. Food is not there to fill emotional emptiness.
10. Keep busy! 
  • Go for a walk/walk your dog
  • Paint your nails
  • go to the gym
  • go to the beach
  • take up yoga or pilates 
  • take a class you’ve always wanted to take(fitness related or otherwise.)
  • update your fitness blog
  • create a wall of motivation
  • track your progress
  • clean your room/apartment/home
  • do something extra to make someone happy
  • make something
  • do your homework
  • cut up and package some fruits and veggies for an easy to grab snack when on the go.
  • read a magazine
  • fix something
  • do a facial
  • go on a bike ride
  • go roller blading or skating
  • style your hair
Try to stay active and busy and use hands on activities to pass your day. Avoid too much television or computer time. 
11. Plan meals ahead of time, and prepare healthy snacks ahead of time to keep in little baggies or containers in the fridge to grab when in a hurry. Slices of fruits, nuts or a homeade trail mix, and veggies with hummus, peanut butter, or a greek yogurt dip are all good choices. Try planning your meals at least a day in advanced, and pack your own healthy lunch to bring to work or school. 
12. Get out of the mindset that you ”must” clean your plate. It would be quite a big coincidence if the amount on your plate every time you eat just happened to be the right amount to fill you up. If you feel full you probably ate too much you should eat to the point where you are not hungry any more but never to the point that you are uncomfortably full. It is ok to save half  of your meal or even more for later. It’s ok to throw some leftovers away. It can sometimes feel uncomfortable for many people to throw away what they havent finished. Many of us were raised not to “waste” and to clean our plates. But I like to use the analogy of the show hoarders, those people feel uncomfortable getting rid of anything even if it will benefit them in the long run, same with food, if you’ve had enough to eat save the rest for later or get rid of it. DONT BE A FOOD HOARDER! 
13. Read labels, pay attention to calories, ingredient lists, sugar, but most importantly pay attention to the nutritional value of foods. Avoid empty calories which are in foods with little nutrients and benefit to your body. Make your calories count! Those little 100 calorie snack packs have a low nutritional value because those 100 calories are 100 calories of nothing good for your body. A homeade salad on the other hand has a much higher nutritional value because it’s packed with nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, water, plenty of things your body can use, so the calories are not wasted if that makes sense. 
14. Try keeping a food journal. If you find it difficult to track calories and macronutrients then at least just write down the time of your meal and what you ate. Just that is enough to tell you the types of foods your eating and help you visualize what your diet consists of. You can see if your eating foods with high nutritional value, if your snacking too much, if your eating too late at night, etc. You can also write down your workouts and how much water your drinking. Whatever you want too keep track of. 
15. Aim to work out 5 days a week or more. Less than 3 days is unacceptable. 
16.If you have a signifigant amount of weight you want to lose(30lbs or more) I suggest focusing on cardiovascular exercise and sweating it off until you get within about 20lbs of your goal weight. Then you should add in strength training on top of your cardio. Make sure when you do start strength training you allow your muscles time to heal. For example if you work your arms on a monday you wont want to work those muscles on tuesday and probably not wednesday either. Focus on a different muscle group that day such as abs, or legs.
17. Don’t give yourself time to talk yourself out of working out. When you find yourself thinking things like “I don’t feel like doing it today, I’ll do it tommarrow.” or “I’ll do it later, I just want to do this first.” Just go mindlessly to the gym, or outside for a jog.  You can do whatever else you want to do after your workout. Your health, fitness, happiness, goals should come first. It’s like the nike slogan says..”Just do it” Don’t make it an option. It’s just like work or school or any other commitment. You may not always want to do it, but you have to because it will benefit you in the long run. 
18.Take it easy on your body, your stomach is not a garbage disposal, keep what you eat as wholesome and toxic free as possible, eat slowly and think about how you feel after meals. Think of food as a tool to nourish and heal your body, not as something soley there for the enjoyment of your taste buds, or as a emotional crutch.

Progress & Weight Update

So here is the progress from last month the pictures on the left with black & yellow sneakers are from March the ones on the right with the socks are from April. 
I am not seeing the progress in these pictures. 

So I decided to make a college of January 12, 2013  to this month April 12, 2013 
the one on the left with no socks are from January 12 and the ones on the right are from April 12.
Now looking at these compared I do see a little change in the hip area and upper belly.
I wish I saw more but I have to tell myself that
the weight didn't come on in a day so don't expect for it to come off in a day or a month or 2 or 3 or 4 but slowly.
Now for this weeks weigh in 
I have lost 1 more pound. I am happy about this loss.
Today I have completed my 4TH week of  Couch to 5K. I am running longer and still doing well.
I continuing with 100 Jumping Jacks
I am following this morning workout  from Week 1 of April  post, using this for my warm up before I do my cardio workout or run.
I also am lifting weights. I am moving up my game on these and lifting more than once a week.
I want to get out on my bike more for rides so this is on my workout sheet too.
Energy level is doing well even though I have been a little short on sleep.
One day of not eating that great due to lack of sleep and giving into temptation.
But I got right back on track and didn't beat myself up over it.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, April 1, 2013

Taking It Off

I got rid of another piece of clothing. 
I got rid of these sweat pants that weren't flattering at all no matter what size you were

 I also got rid of one of these
and another one and a half. 
Pleased with this. 
I am feeling good.
As I had posted about 3 weeks ago I had started the Couch To 5K.
The second week I started to get shin splints. I didn't run I just walked and walked and walked working through the pain. I then did a little more research and started doing a massage technique called trigger point therapy.
HOLY SMOKES it was painful but so effective.
I thought to myself and I was working on my legs "How in the world do my clients not scream at me when I am doing this to them?"
But it has helped so much. After the second week of not running I started back this week running on the treadmill and I was able to run according to the program.
I am so happy that I am able to run.
I also started at the beginning of the week doing a morning  program using this 
as my warm up and then doing 100 jumping jacks.
My eating has been good, clean but there is always room for improvement.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday Progress

I know I just recently posted my weight progress but since it was Wednesday I needed to do progress photos, weigh in and measure I just might as well see how I have done.
I am down another pound
On Monday I started doing the Couch to 5K program.
Boy am I out of shape especially cardiovascular.
Today went much better than Monday.
This is E'lyse this morning before we left 
She is doing it with me
Since coco is here she decided she would join us.
And Miss Kylia came along also.
Coco wants to come down and do a Turkey Trot or some kind of race for Thanksgiving. 
Now I am looking into them for us. 
Theses are a pair of my new fun socks I bought.

 Now for progress pictures.
   The ones ont he left are from February picture progress the ones on the right with the blue waist band are from today's.
  I think I am seeing a little progress. I am not giving up on myself. this didn't all come on over night and it will take a while for it to come off.
  I lost 1/2 inch on each thigh, 1/2 inch on each calf and 1 inch on upper stomach area.
It is funny when I was taking the picture I didn't think I looked as bad as I do when I see them posted.
 This is a very humiliating but good for me to see and put it out there for accountability.

Slow and steady win the race or the fat loss! 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo