My Weight Loss

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In 6 Weeks

My last post that was posted almost a month ago was really kind of a downer. So now for the up side of my rant and moving forward.
Next Monday I am going to have 2 surgeries done that will change my life. I am having a miduretheral sling surgery first. Probably too much information but my bladder is only working at 38% and this just makes it hard to function the way I need and want to. Then after my doctor is done the second Dr. will come in and do a hernia repair surgery. They are not sure how many I have he could feel 2 but had me get a CT scan and so there could be more around the repair that was done in 2006.
I am excited to get these taken care of. Then I go in for an ultra sound for the veins that have been causing me problems for almost 20 years then surgery for them sometime in October.
I have put on weight and have NOT been taking care of me.
With that being said I will be starting off fresh. I have to have a fresh start I am just that kind of person, a little too OCD.
I went in for 2 tests yesterday at my cardiologist to give me a medical clearance for the surgeries. I got a nuclear stress test and then an echocardiogram. I will get those results on Friday.
I need to get the weight off and keep it off. It is going to be a long rode but I am looking forward to this journey.
Sorry if I bummed anyone out with the last post. I reread it and felt kind of bummed. But I try to keep it real and some days a person just needs to vent.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo