My Weight Loss

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Progress Slow and Steady

I haven't checked in recently.
I have been keeping busy and feeling better.
I had 4 massages so far this week, I have worked out every day and I am feeling the difference.
 Not so much seeing the difference, but that will come. Feeling better is much more important to me.
I got on the scale and I lost 
One pound 
So since December 28 Th I have lost 
Am I happy? Heck yes!!

I also measured myself. I know you are only suppose to measure yourself once a month. 
I felt like I needed to do this.
I lost another 3 inches. WOO HOO! Super happy about this.
So far I have lost 14 1/2 inches, 
This is a biggy for me. 

Yesterday I said to myself " Okay Bobbi this monkeying around with the pansy weights and not pushing yourself is going to take forever to reach your goal."
I was at one time many moons ago a power lifter so I know how to lift and I know I have muscle memory even though it has been a while but I know it is there hiding under the layers of adipose (medical term for fat). Ewww! 
So I decided to go back to the basics and started to lift seriously. 
I did a arm workout that I found of Jillian Michaels. It was AMAZING! 
It felt so good to lift again. 
I did my workout before I had 3 massages at the spa.
I was starting my fist massage and all of the sudden I felt the burn in the triceps. At first I was like what the heck did I do to my arms then it hit me that it was from the workout. I haven't had that pain in such a long time. 
I got home from work and rode my bike for 9 miles. 
So the progress is slow and steady.
I am very happy with the results. 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, January 24, 2013


After my last blog post I got on my bike and started pedaling.
I road 8.26 miles
I burned 264.4 calories 
And after I felt good that I did it. 
Venting felt good and exercising felt great 
and now I feel much, much better.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

My Top Two Problems

 My top two problems as I am sure with a lot of people are 
#1 Proportion 
#2 Not moving enough

The problems have been stated now for the solution
#1 Portion control
#2 Exercise more & move more 
Solution #1
So now putting into action something that I have tried to do with calorie counting but this isn't working.
My Dr. wanted me to keep my calories to 1200. It is tough. I have read different trans of thought on eating several times throughout the day or just sticking to the three meals a day.
I think one of my biggest problems is that I wait to long to eat then I pig out on not so clean things or I just go to the fast food drive through and get a bunch of fatty stuff.
So for my solution that I am going to try is to eat more frequently (see if this works better) and have foods ready a head of time. 
It is funny I make lunches for my girls and for my husband but I don't plan out what I am having.
I am also going to the Dr. on Monday to find out what can be done for the side effects of the medicine I am on. I love that the medicine has made me so much better in areas but don't like the side effects. 
Solution  #2 
Making sure I move every day not just once a day but, a few times throughout the day. 
I would love to go for a walk outside but the anxiety about being out just keeps me inside. Yes I do have a treadmill but it is so boring and I hate using that word. So I will change up my moving to different things so I don't get to tired of the same old same old. 
Now that the pity party is over I feel better. 
I will check in and let you know how things are progressing. 
How do you deal with your pity party? 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Pity Party Time

So I am having a pity party for myself. 
I have had a couple things come to my attention this week that have effected me. By effecting me I mean I went to fast food for comfort.
 Then I started having side effects from the antidepressant that I have been on that are not good at all. 
I have been feeling good and thinking that all was well then things stopped working in my body the way they were and causing major stress in me know. 
I am not sure if the stress of seeing the bank that I was at when it was robbed had caution tape all over it. Then read later that the person that robbed the bank had the same description of the guy that was there the day I was there. I know it sounds like such a small and insignificant day but to me it is a BIGGY! 

So I have fell off the wagon more than once.
I started on Tuesday trying a new cleaner eating and by night time I bombed.
Feeling disappointed in myself. Feeling weak and out of control. 
So now 
 The party is over. Time to go do some exercise and pull myself up and stop feeling sorry for myself. 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exercise With Kids

I  was contacted by this website called Nanny Website 
I found this article helpful. One of my biggest mistakes ever was not putting myself at the top of 
TAKE CARE LIST. Meaning not making time or figuring out how to exercise with kids. 
This article would have been very helpful 
Hope this can help out someone. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Fun Quick Video

      The other day Coco was on the phone with me and told me about a workout she found on the internet, She said that she could really feel it work, especially the next day.
I gave it a try yesterday and I love it. It is short but very effective Here is the link :   
This is the link to the Modern Mom website.
I am starting to feel a little better. I have a major cough out laugh with Coco this Friday and it seemed to help clear out my lungs a little bit.
I am still wanting to sleep a lot. This is what my body does when it is sick.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trying This Out

 Providing I am feeling better tomorrow I am going to give this morning workout a try. I am a fan of Dr. Oz. and I saw this on his website and it looks like it would feel so good. Being that one of my goals is to tighten up my arms and lose flab on them I have been doing push ups already so this should fit right in. 
Here is the link: Dr.Oz morning workout  If you try it out I would love to hear how you did and what you thought of it. 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Measure In

First things first I did do some cardio yesterday after I got off the computer. Then coughed a lot!
Well I typed too soon that I wasn't feeling sick. It just got worse as the night went on. BUMMER!!!!
I don't like being sick, I do not like this at all. 
I forgot to weigh in this morning due to waking up with no voice from coughing most of the night.
So I wanted to let you know my little progress on measurements.
I have lost a total of ...drum roll please.......
 5 inches in all. This is from 1-2-13 measurements. YEAH for me!!! 
I am happy with this progress.
Oh and I am not upping my workouts this week. I am listening to my body and resting with a little bit of workout. When I am up too much I start to get dizzy and feel just drained. 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feeling Sick But Not Sick

Monday morning I woke up feeling like I hadn't gotten any sleep and my head hurt. 
Earlier in the morning before the alarm went off I woke up coughing and hurt so bad in my chest.
Then when the alarm went off I got up did what I needed to then went back to bed. I was freezing yet the heat was up to 77. 
I don't like feeling bad I have been feeling pretty good. Having lots of energy and just enjoying life. 
I woke up feeling a little bit better this morning. I went to work and it was super cold and within 15 min of the first massage I was sweating. So I don't know if I am running a fever or not but other than being tired and the coughing I feel so blah and NO energy whatsoever. .
I have to be honest though I didn't work out yesterday or today. But the day isn't over. I just don't have the energy but I know it needs to be done. 
So off to do some cardio so I can be happy with myself. tonight. 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Positive Picture

After yesterdays post I had to post something very positive for myself if not for anyone else. 
It has been a good Sunday.
I am ready for a new week with tougher workouts, eating healthy and small daily changes.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

WARNING..........Getting Real

Warning: The following pictures could scare you or make you lose your last meal!!!! 

I have decided for me to be truly accountable even if no one else reads this blog ever I need a record of my transformation. Therefor I took these pictures with much reservation, mind you and very much hesitation as to seriously posting these on the computer let alone my blog for whoever to see. 
One of my biggest fears is a dear friend who helped me a few years back when I started on a journey to lose weight follows my blog, this scares the tar out of me for her to see these. 
But as my mentor and favorite instructor in massage school said "Face your fear and fear will disappear."
I don't know if this is true about the truth of letting yourself go as bad as I have. 
I have abused my body so much. 
So I decided every month on the 12TH I will take an updated photo in the same clothing. 
Front view weighing???? Yeah right NO WAY not read for that. 
 Side view. OH MY WORD look at that stomach. This just makes me want to PUKE.
 I am so sorry my body for what I have done to you. 
Can you see the fatty foods hanging on those arms and thighs. 
That stomach make me so sad and scared.
What have I done to myself? It is terrible. 
 And another side view, with arm out of the way.
No I am not smelling my arm pit. I was trying to move my arm and hide my face. 
I was seriously on the verge of crying.
Look at that butt I swear it has moved down 4 inches and out 6. Some day in the near future it will be up where it was before and smaller, but not to small. I think it is one of my best assets.
Can you see all of those stinking hamburgers on my stomach? I can.
All the neglect is no longer happening.
I will become the mean, lean, clean-eating machine in 2013.
 Please don't stop following due to the pictures.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

Bountiful Baskets

Fruit & veggies from Bountiful Baskets this morning. 
This was the order of 2 baskets
 This is the extra I ordered called the juicing basket 
 From the basket this is all that we got 
I love the rainbow carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, red potatoes, 
lemons, oranges, apples, Asian apples and rainbow sweet mini peppers
This is from the juice basket
celery, baby spinach, carrots, lemon, beets, apples, limes, ginger root & kale.
Tonight E'lyse had gone to hang out with friends, Alan took the girls on a Daddy Daughter Date to go do a little shopping and dinner.
I made myself this 
My super yummy dinner tonight 8 cups of romaine lettuce, spinach,Swiss chard, rainbow peppers, cucumber, carrots & tomatoes with homemade dressing.
Close up and yummy 
Used up a few of the goodies from this morning.
This afternoon Gabby and I went on a walk. Felt good to get out in the brisk winter air.
Tomorrow I am going to get the three girls to go out again on a walk with me.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

Friday, January 11, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday (LATE)

Wow I forgot to post on Weigh In Wednesday. 
I will now play catch up Friday.
I lost 1 pound  and 
1 more pound this week 
 2 pounds!  YES!!! 
I don't know if it is from the Jillian Juice or from exercise or eating 
I will attribute it to all the above. 
I am on my last day of the juice.
 Woke up feeling tired but I think it is due to not enough sleep and it is cold so I just felt like snuggling in bed.
I saw this chart and I thought it was interesting

Good to know. I can't wait till I feel the difference in a big way. I do have more energy and I am able to do more push ups. So I am feeling differences and I am trying to be patient. Not my strong trait. But I think to myself the weight didn't just jump on me it was gradual, daily and slowly so it won't just jump off. 
Going to up my workout this coming week. I will share this plan later.
Still loving my Fitbit. If you have one and want to become my friend on Fitbit it is under BOBBI.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Desire To Change

Love this it is so true.
For a little while now I have been content to stay where I am in my life, as far as my fitness & health.
I feel like I am finally at the point where my desire to change is much greater than my desire to stay the same.
I honestly got sick of being who I had physically become. 
When I looked in the mirror I would look away quickly so as not to see how much I have let myself go.
Feel ugly and sad is not how I want to live or how I want to feel.
I am liking the way I am feeling. I have a renewed joy for health, life and relationships.
I feel excited and I haven't felt this in such a long time.
I am working on being aware of how my body feels. Noticing when I am actually hungry instead of eating out of sadness, anxiety and depression. 
I suffered from depression before and anxiety for many years off and on but after the bank robbery it got worse. I was having a hard time being out in public and I just wanted to sleep all day and all night. Not having motivation or a desire to be functioning as a person.
On the medication commercial they say "Depression hurts", it does and you don't know why you feel the way you do when you should be happy due to being so blessed with life.
I know some of the positive way I am feeling is due to the antidepressants that I am taking for the PTSD.
I am so glad that I am feeling this way. 
I am feeling hope to get back to the Bobbi Jo that has been missing. 
I also am leaning on God like I have never done before. 
I have tried to do this before, many times but never asking for Heavenly Father to help me and having faith that he will. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, January 7, 2013


On Friday January 4TH I posted about giving this a try.
This is what I have left of today's Jillian Juice or as I call it pee juice.
The warning is there in my title of what I call it, you drink this and you have to do a lot of that. 
I added three droppers of Stevia to mine less bitter and it tastes like a yummy tea.
I make it in this 
And I drink it out of these. I just keep refilling until it is all gone.
Along with this I drink more water throughout the day.
I am feeling clearer and I can see a difference in the puffiness around my wrist especially. 
Friday will be the last day of drinking it.
I am planning on do this again in June.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions For Life Changing

Growing up I have always been a resolution maker, a list maker and a goal setter. 
This year as part of Resolution I am making Resolutions for life change or changes. 
In massage school in our Business Development class we had to make a vision board as part of our course.
I also have know many successful people who make vision boards and swear by them.
This is my vision board. It is a bit different than the one I made for school . I saw this idea on Pintrest but it was on separate cork boards.
My resolutions for life change are from losing weight, losing inches, strengthening my body, mentally, spiritually and physically. 
The clothes pins on the left are for the pounds I want to lose & below are the ones I have lost.
I have already lost 2!    
 These are things that I have worked on but not so great with all of them. 
 Part of my physical transformation are these.
No laughing at my only 10 push ups I am actually doing more than that but When I started out on Tuesday this was all I could do
I am still working on my goals for massage this year. 
I have been busy doing other things but this is on my TO-DO list for this weekend. 
Would love to hear what your New Years Resolutions or goals are.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Giving This A Try

I had found this on Pintrest a while back and I finally got the items to try this. 
So I am giving it a try I will let you know how it goes. 
I drink a lot of water as it is but I also tend to hold water due to high blood pressure & some times a little to much salt on things. Still a thing I am working on. 
(Excuse the somewhat inappropriateness of this picture! )

Hugs, Bobbi Jo
(Alright I am almost done with my 1st day of this. I do suggest adding the stevia to it. I used about 3 droppers of it. I left the tea bags such in the water jug and then added it to my refillable water bottles. It tastes pretty good. )
WARNING: You will pee like crazy!!!!


    • 1

      Start with a one-gallon bottle of water. Ideally you should use spring, mineral, or distilled water, but I just use tap.
    • 2

      Add 4 tablespoons of lemon juice
    • 3

      Add 2 tablespoons of pure cranberry juice. Be sure to get 100% juice, and not a juice blend, or a cocktail that is only 10% juice. You might need to go to a specialty store like Whole Foods to get it.
    • 4

      Add two dandelion root tea bags. You will probably only be able to find these at a specialty store like Whole Foods. This tea is quite bitter, and takes some getting used to. Because of its detoxing quality, it might wreak some havoc with your intestines while you are getting used to it. Any discomfort that you feel from it is simply your body detoxifying itself.
    • 5
      Note that your local supermarket might have a detox blend from Yogi Tea that you might prefer. I sometimes just use flavored green tea, which has excellent health benefits as well. Don't use any type of tea that you will be miserable with, or you won't drink the water. Here's To Good Health!

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to drink at least 64 oz. of water each day, whether this recipe, or pure water. If you are very active, or are trying to lose weight, try to drink even more than that amount.
  • If you find the water to be too sour, I suppose it would be OK to add a packet of Splenda, but you should try to drink it as-is.
  • Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.
  • If this water causes you any discomfort or health issues, obviously stop drinking it, or experiment with a different type of tea.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Equipment & Weight

The day after Christmas my husband Alan came home and said he needed help getting things out of his truck.
I went out to help him and he had bough this for me. Of course it was in the box so it had to be put together. I was so excited. We saw this at Big 5 when we went to pick out my sneakers and I said I would love to have one someday. 
I tell you what I am SO out of shape. I didn't realize it until I first got off of it. 
I was a  little wobbly and legs a bit sore.
I have been working out on it every day. I am slowly working my way up a little more each day.
It is a great switch.

I will be posting my life resolutions in the next few days. I am STILL tweaking them with details. 

Now I know I shouldn't have but I just felt like I should weigh myself again this morning. 
I lost 1 more pound. 
After yesterdays weigh in I was super excited to see this. 
Still working on portion control. This is a major problem for me. 
And now for a little motivational humor
Would love to hear what you are doing with your new year.
Eating clean in 2013 and working towards being lean. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday~Week 1

What a fantastic New Years Weekend I had with the family.
We played games, hung out talking, the adults went to lunch Saturday at Red Robbin, New Years Eve we played Disney headbands and did fire works in the street. I was actually able to stay up till midnight. First time in years I did that. I am not a night owl anymore.
So I am back to doing Weigh In Wednesday 
I am very happy with today's results
I have lost 1.6 pounds
Now for measurements:
Wrist: Same
Forearms: 1/2 inch
Chest: 1/2 inch 
Upper belly: Same 
Upper arms: Same
Mid Belly: 1 inch
Lower belly or waist: 3 inches
Hips: 1/2 inch
Thighs: 1 inch each
Calves: Just started measuring them
For a grand total of  (Drum roll please! ): 6 1/2 inches.
WOO HOO! I am a happy camper. 
I started making my vision board yesterday and I will post pictures of it when I am done.
I also will post my surprise from hubby a little later too.
Great start to 2013! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo