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Friday, March 16, 2012

Starting Almost Over

 So like a lot of people at the New Year I had all these things I was going to do this year in starting over starting fresh. Just to fill you in on a secret (that honestly isn't so secret) I  am major OCD in some things, okay most things. If I mess up a little I think what the heck why should I even continue to try and so therefore I end up bummed and upset at myself.
 So I like many didn't follow through with all my great INTENTIONS! Well I have been doing a lot of research, soul searching and trying to figure out just what I am to do. I have come to the conclusion I NEED  to learn to love me for who I am no matter what I look like, feel like or think I feel like. So this is what I am working on. I am also working on eating healthier, no totally depriving myself of the things I like or think I like but cutting back on the things that make me feel like, excuse my French, CRAP. I don't know if that is French or not but that is how I talk so trying to keep it real here.
 I am also wanting to follow the lead of a friend and my daughter, Coco by eliminating one thing at a time that aren't good for me or don't help me to achieve those goals that I have in my life.
 A while back I gave up soda and diet soda. I was feeling good, then one day I was out getting lunch and I gave in and had one. Well one diet soda led to another and I was drinking them way to often.
 This is what I will be giving up. My favorite well and only soda I drink is Diet Coke.
Dear Diet Coke,
 I will now bid you farewell my slurpybubblylishesness of addiction.As of March 18TH I don't want to try you again ever. We had a good time together all those wonderful meals that you seemed to have completed for me but this is the end. I don't like the way you make me feel. Leaving me with a headache hangover in the morning, the bloated feeling after I have drank you and wanting more to eat and drink. So this is the end of our relationship. Wishing you all the best! Sincerely, Bobbi Jo
 I hope you will all support my decision to give this up. Thank you! Hugs, Bobbi Jo
Shortly after I finished up this post I found this on Mind Body Green and just had to share it.

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