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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pity Party For ME

If you go to this post you can see part of my slight depression story. Then on Tuesday I really needed some new clothes to wear. I love buying clothes for my smaller self, but I am not that yet so I have to buy for myself at this time. I got a beautiful Spring dress with a lovely light cream sweater, a pastel green blouse, a green striped blouse and was so delighted with them. I got home feeling a little better from the retail shopping. I decided to try the clothes on. NOTHING fit! I was so upset that I started eating anything salty, sweet and fattening. I polished off the rest of my Easter Basket goodies that my hubby got me along with 2 or 3 cans of Diet Coke and a water bottle. I then faced the bloated feeling with a stomach ache and head ache from my binge eating. I was hating myself. Feelings of disappointment flooded over me. I then watched The Biggest Loser and felt even worse about myself and what I had eaten after seeing Tara looking so good in her make over. My pity party lasted till I went to bed. I fell asleep and woke up with a major sugar & junk hangover. I have completely fallen off the healthy eating band wagon. HELP!!!
I know what I need to do and have to get my plan to get my act together and Just DO IT! Pray for me. I was doing so good and feeling so good.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


  1. Hi Bobbi Jo, sounds like you have had your share of problems lately! You need to say a prayer and get right back on track! I had a knee injury a year ago and my knee doctor told me the worse I could do is walk on a treadmill. He said I needed to take the weight off my knees and exercise on a stationary bike. I have done this and my knees are so much better. I do not know your situation with your knees but maybe this might help? I sure hope you get back to eating healthly again. I also went off the wagon and ate a bunch of sugar junk over Easter weekend. Boy that makes you feel so terrible all that sugar so I know what you mean! I am back on track! Hope everything turns out great for you!

  2. I just ate more Easter candy than I car to admit right now. I have fallen off the healthy wagon. But am just about ready to get back on. The sugar ups and downs are taking their toll on me. We can get up and do better where we are. I will pray for you today.

  3. Opps used my daughters profile to comment. On a different computer. Where is says Annika it really was Jenny from Healthy Divas!!


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