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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Perfect Food

This is the Perfect Food

I had read about this on one of my friends blogs awhile back (sorry it is private) and then just recently found it on a new blog friends blog Kelly Olexa. She is big into fitness, positive and a beautiful gal. Anyway it has so much packed into it that is great for your optimum health. So I got some on Monday. (It is on sale till the end of the month at Sprouts). I made some up and drank it down. Now to explain the taste. My son-in-love that is going in to the Airforce will be eating things that I am sure taste similar to this as he will be learning then teaching how to forge off the land and live on it. This stuff smells like rabbit pelets. The taste is real strong of alphalpha and weeds. Enough said it makes me bend over and get the goosebumps everytime I drink it. If it wasn't so good for me I would skip it. So I decided to mix it with this
Now this helped a little.

This is it all mixed up. Anyone want some swamp water? he he
So now on to what is in this Perfect Food:
46 phytonutrient-Dense Superfoods
13 Sprouted Ingredients
Fermented Whole Food INgredients and
10 Probiotic Strains (this is the biggy). Google Probiotics and read about what a great thing this is.
It has more greens per serving than other greed food formulas. Made with vegetable, sprout and organic cereal grass.
I am going to continue with this on a daily bases and see what happens. I know I don't eat enough fruits and vegatables so this might be the way to get them. Next time though I will get the tablets!
Had a kick butt workout and feel awesome! My energy was through the roof this morning even after not enough sleep. I think this taking care of myself is paying off.
Hope everyone is have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo
(this is copied from my other blog)

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