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Friday, October 26, 2012

Thoughts and Such

 My thoughts lately have been so random and all over the map. Sometimes I feel a little crazy with what pops into my mind then out then something completely different hits me.

 This week started out on a good note of exercising on Monday morning. My goals and plan for the week all lined out perfectly (to me).

Monday afternoon I lined out my containers and washed all of my veggies for my weekly lunch meals. 

My containers

 They have a mixture of organic salad greens, kale, mushrooms, cucumbers, purple onions, cherry tomatoes and 4 oz. of cooked chicken chunks. 
The problem with these is there was no problem with them it was my stomach couldn't handle eating them. So they are in my garage refrigerator keeping crisp for this week.  
 I was thinking that part of my feeling lack luster had to do with not juicing so I decided to make myself a morning pick me up. It was good and it did help for a while. 

 Tuesday morning didn't go so well as I had planned and went down hill from there. I had so much planned to get accomplished and I woke up feeling drained and so tired even after a good night sleep. So now I am recovering from yesterdays sickness. Apparently my body was fighting something I woke up Thursday feeling not so great in the tummy. I will leave out details but turns out Gabby and I spent the day being miserable after getting sick early in the morning. Spent the day sleeping, watching shows off and on and as the day went by I started to feel better.
 Today I woke up and felt better not great mind you but better. I have that kind of hangover sickness feeling. So today I will take it easy other than the cleaning up and getting the guest room ready for our special guest for the weekend. Coco,Kyle and their sweet family are coming down. YEAH!!  So excited I can't wait to see them all.
 Now for the weekend I am planning on enjoying time with the grand babies and family.
Tonight Dallas and Sara are coming over for a cookout and family hang out time. Tomorrow night we are going to our ward's Trunk or Treat. Should be a great weekend and a good way to recharge for the next week. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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