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Monday, October 29, 2012

Tips From Dr.Oz

I was watching Dr.Oz this morning. He had Valerie Bertinelli as his guest. She is so pretty and has the kind of attitude that I want towards food. 
(Reminder to self- I am working on it)
Towards the end of the show Dr.Oz gave a few tips that I thought might be helpful to anyone watching their weight.
1. Best Time to weigh yourself:  7 am after you have gone to the bathroom
2. Best time to indulge: 2 pm. He suggested a cup of hot chocolate.
This is the normal time people start to feel a drop in their blood sugar.
3. Best time to take a fiber supplement: 6 pm about 10 min. before you eat dinner. 
It is proven that when you do this you eat 70 calories less than normal. 
He also suggest a fiber supplement called Konjac Root Fiber.

As part of keeping it real is sharing with you what else I am doing. I started on Tuesday October 23Rd, 2012, taking 5-HTP it is shown to help to boost the serotonin level and help as an appetite suppressant .  
I know I have struggled most of my life with low serotonin level. Now the side effect that I have noticed is having nausea after taking it on a empty stomach. The last 3 days I eat breakfast then a little later I take it and it is much better. 
I am also making and taking colloidal silver.
I started taking this 3 days ago. The thing I did notice is that I had gotten fever blisters on the side of my mouth and when I woke up yesterday morning with out doing anything else for it, it has already started to dry up and heal. Normally these take up to a week to do this. This is the only different thing that I have done. 
So I am a happy camper so far. 
Tomorrow is weigh in day and masuring day. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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