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Monday, March 11, 2013

Couch- to- 5K & Weight

I use to be a runner.
Like many moons ago.
I am now back to running
Just starting out today using the Couch-to-5K Program .
So now they say that I can say I am a runner.
E'lyse is doing it with me even though she doesn't like running.
Following the program today we went 2.17 miles.
It is cool because you do a 5 min. walking warm-up, then you do 60 sec. jog then 90 sec. walk
I didn't do nearly as well as I thought I would on the jogging part. Way to much weight to be hauling, my lung capacity is pathetic and I am not in great shape 
I hadn't weighed myself until Friday and drum roll please
2 pounds down
Happy and surprised.
I haven't been eating all that great and my exercising has been very sporadic to say the least. 
But getting back on it and not ever giving up on my dream to be the lean, mean clean eating machine in 2013! 
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

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