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Friday, June 14, 2013

Clearing Out

Clearing out clothing that doesn't fit anymore is FUN! 
I started this about 2 or 3 weeks ago and apparently something sparkly caught my eye
and I got distracted.
I got so much more done today. 
When I started I had just 5 items.
In this first photo I have 2 bathing suites, 3 tanks, 4 blouses and one of my favorite 
(yet most unflattering) pair of paints. 
Here are tighty whities that I no longer fit into or want in the trash.
I didn't think you needed to see my new bottoms so no picture of them. 
Socks & nylons that no longer serve me well. 
These are the 2 pair of nylons, 1 pair cozy soft socks and 9 pairs of everyday socks. 
I just love the bright colors. 
Not only am I loving that there is more color in my life, things are fitting better and I have more space.
Along with the fat clutter going away so is my clothing clutter. 
Day by day I am working towards my goal.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

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