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Friday, May 31, 2013

New Items For My Inspiration

I needed some new shoes for work. 
 I have been wearing the same shoes I work out in to work to give massages and there 
just wasn't enough airing out time for my comfort. 
So I got these pretty pair of  Ryka.
 They are designed by women for women. 
This is the bottom. My favorite colors together. 
 And front view.
I am going to give these a try running tomorrow or Monday just to see how they work out.
I am asking for a pair of VIBRAM toe shoes for running for my Birthday. 
Today I was at Ross with Gabby & Faith and found these cute workout/weight gloves. 
I don't want to have callouses on my hands so these are perfect.  
Now you might ask "Why the one pink finger nail?" Well I will tell you.
I see all these ladies/girls that have their nails painted and the one fingernail on each hand is a different color. I have to clip my nails daily because they grow so fast. I think it is due to the lotions and oils I use for massages. So it is really not worth me having all my nails painted so I thought well I will do this one nail on the ring finger of each hand and have the rest clear. 
I am trying to start a new trend. he he 
I took progress pictures, but honestly I am NOT seeing the progress. So I decided to just share the picture of my back pose. No muscle to brag about there but what a great farmers tan I have on my left arm. 
It has been a rough week mentally this past week. I haven't given my all in my workouts and I have been eating with not much thought to it. No planing or preparation so not eating super healthy. Going to bed at a decent time hasn't happened all week and this plays a major part in my mental health and mind set. 
Working my way out of the feelings I am having and getting back on the wagon.
I have come to far to stop now and I WILL NOT slide back to where I was. 
On to bigger and better changes and tweaking things to see progress. 
Healthy living, Bobbi Jo 

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