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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another BOO BOO

WARNING! Yucky toe pictures 

On Monday I was out in my gym  garage where my workout equipment is.
 I was lifting and having a great time. 
 I was picking up the weights out of the holders getting ready to do dumbbell rows.
I started to lift the weight and one of the individual weights fell off and fell on my right foot.
Tuesday my foot was hurting ,but I thought it was the third toe that I had clipped off the end 2 weeks ago.
Thank you OCD for let me doing a little too much clipping.
Anyway I wasn't able to wear shoes for a week due to it. 
So I took off my sneakers and look at my foot and saw that my toe cleavage was bruised. 
The big toe was fin but the 3 toes were puffy after having my shoe off for a while. 
I know it doesn't look too bad and it could have been worse. 
 Excuse the chipped polish. Lamo pedicure! 
I really need to be more careful with my weight and my feet. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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