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Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Dream Body

 I have been thinking a lot of why the progress has slowed down.
I have come up with some things.
1. I am not working as hard as I was
2. I am not eating enough or eating things that I shouldn't 
3. Not having the vision. 
This is my dream body.
 I can't give credit to who owns this.
This is Jamie Eason and she is just beautiful and I would love to have her arms ( okay I would love to have her body too) 

The legs that I would love to have would be these. 
So back to the three things I thought of. 
I can change these
1. I can work harder, often and change it up.
2. I can eat more of healthy food that my body needs. I am going to start juicing again.
3. I have been trying to work on the visualization part. I still can't picture myself as I will look at the 
maintenance stage. This bothers me but, I am working on this. 
Having these pictures help me to put ME together. Now to get it all together and put my head on it. 
I am so glad that this is a start to a new month. I love the beginning of the months. I have decided due to the heat & weather here in Arizona June, July and August are my least favorite months and now these are behind me for this year. 
Looking for word to cooler weather in the coming months.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo  

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