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Sunday, September 22, 2013

12 Week Trainer Starting Up

Tomorrow I am starting this program from
I have done this specific program but not in it's fullness. Meaning there were some of the exercises that I didn't do. So this time I am hitting it full force.
Jamie Eason is such an inspiration.
The program starts out with 4 days of lifting with no cardio. Then adding cardio after the lifting in the 2nd phase. I plan on doing some cardio along with it just because I have been doing cardio and I want to lose body fat.
I will keep you up to date on the changes as I go along.
I haven't made any progress in loss but here is my picture from 9-18-2013
 Side view .......gag I need to get rid of that stomach area.
This is where I am at and ready to make the changes to make the changes in me.
On ward and forward no looking back.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo 

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