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Friday, November 11, 2011

Start a New Day

So after yesterdays rant (sorry about that but it needed to be done!) I did my cardio workout even though all I wanted to do was continue to eat junk.
I decided I needed to get back on board again so I decided on a large salad for dinner. This seemed to help out a good bit.
And I woke up this morning back to the same weight as I was at the beginning of the week. Now it is the start of a new day . I am thinking maybe I need to avoid posting on days like yesterday but I try to keep this blog real. It really does help to deal with issues by writing them down even if they no seem to make sense to someone else or maybe it can help someone think Oh yea I know that feeling and maybe send me a comment that might help me out.
The kiddos have today off from school other than Gabby who needs to do hers today to keep on schedule. I am going to get off the computer and head down to do some work on the treadmill then weights on the upper body.
Check in later! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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