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Monday, November 7, 2011

Taking Up Less Space

Found this on Kelly Olexa's blog The Kelly O Show. She is an inspiration with her passion to work out and her vlogs are fun!
Anyways I had to have this hanging in my house. I didn't even bother framing it I needed to see this and start to make changes.
This is so true!!

This is my new goal or motto :" Take Up Less Space". Meaning getting leaner, stronger and smaller.
It is weird I don't feel like I look as big as what I weigh. Does anyone else feel this way?
Yet when I see myself in a picture or mirror I see it and think EWWWW! How did I get to this point again.

A while back I posted that I wasn't using my scale well that was working for a while. Unfortunately my clothes were getting tighter and I am feeling lousy.
So my scale is back to help me keep track as I lose the 86.2 pounds I need to lose.

I have got to get off this weight and get down to where I am me again. I started feeling it in 2009 when I was working on myself, exercising, eating OK but still drinking Diet Coke ( a LOT), hot chocolate and taking in a lot of sugar along with eating out way too often. Then when I started school full time I put my fitness on the back burner along with trying to eat healthy.

So my goal is to become healthy, strong and lean. I will never be a twig my body isn't made to be that way. I use to do power lifting when I was in Jr. high and high school so my legs are big no matter what and I am large boned. Yes I did have it tested and my wrist is bigger than 6 inches around. I have finally excepted that I will not be a skinny gal who can wear anything and look great due to my body shape. I think this is a great thing.
I started out last week as you might have read in my last post from yesterday. Starting out didn't go so great. But today is a new story actually it go better over the weekend. I was feeling very depressed and stressed with life but things are slowly falling into place for me. I am excited about the changes that I see in my upcoming future.
So what am I doing that is different?
Changes for this week:
1.Charting workouts
2.Counting calories
3.Making small changes in eating
4. Praying more for help in this process
5. Not doing this on my own...having Coco and friends who support & help
6. Setting goals
7. Doing this for ME!!
This is it for this week.
I would love to hear from all of you of what you are doing to help keep you motivated.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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