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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eating Garbage

Hi My name is Bobbi Jo and I am a emotional eater......
Hi Bobbi Jo..
Having a little meeting with myself right now.
I caved today.
I honestly know what it was that made me cave too. 
1. I didn't plan out my meals or even breakfast. 
2. I didn't eat breakfast
3. I let the pictures of myself + the lack of no weight loss or the no loss of inches get to me.
4. I didn't take time to step back and take all thoughts into action.
I caved.
Dallas brought me home garbage to eat. No not actually garbage but one of my biggest weaknesses 
The Carl's Jr. Guacamole Burger Meal. A whopping 1030 calories. 
So much for my clean eating. GRRRRRRR! 
No this didn't blow my calorie intake for the day but, keeping this real 
Don't eat while you read this part if you have a weak tummy! 
Fast food such as this gives me diarrhea with in 15 minutes of eating it. 
Sometimes I just really irritate myself.
Now my stomach hurts and I am pooping like a goose, along with a slight headache. 
Stupid stupid stupid (saying this as hit my head on the desk.) 
When will I learn. 
Maybe posting this will make it more prominent in my memory. I have never shared this with anyone! 
Now don't you feel special. he he 
Now I am going to plan out my food for tomorrow before it get's here.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo  


  1. It is one day and one meal that won't affect your weight loss if you don't let it. Don't give yourself the justification that you already blew it today so you'll start again tomorrow when you have meals planned. Start now. Next meal, eat clean and low cal. :D You can overcome this.

  2. Just remember, EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES.... EVERYONE HAS THOSE DAYS (hehe. But really, don't give up, and keep on going.


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