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Monday, December 17, 2012

Giving In

It is funny how easy it is to say "I am going to stick to eating healthy, not going out for fast food and making good choices ", when you have an empty stomach.
But when your stomach hasn't been fed, you are craving something it is so difficult to stick to this plan when you are week."
These things I crave a little too frequently (Okay not McDonald's is just makes me sick)
I guess I should add on to this list Jack In The Box
You will never guess what I gave into today. You got it Jack In The Box.
I gave into the stinking Ultimate Cheeseburger. I didn't eat all of it but I ate enough of it. 
I know I should have eaten breakfast, then I should have had a snack instead of thinking "Oh I don't have time to eat now. I will get something a little later." WRONG! 
This is one of my biggest weaknesses. Waiting to long to eat and comforting myself when I am lonely, sad or just want to honestly punish myself.
This kind of thing is sabotage to my goals.
I won't let this get me down.  
I will not punish myself I will forgive myself and change the things that I know trigger these slip ups in my eating habits. 
I need to not indulge in this food that is actually poison to my body.
Something that I realize today is I need to change my mind frame to 
"Food is fuel for my body "
I need to stop using it as a comfort or eating just in pleasure not because I am truly hungry.
With this comes another problem for me and that is knowing when I am truly hungry.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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