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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sadness In The Afternoon

This is me
This is how I am feeling right now.
I am so sad and feeling very down, defeated and disappointed in ME.
Feelings of hate towards myself, feelings of doubt flooding my mind. 
I just went back and read posts from when I started this blog.
I had posted at the start of my weight loss journey and my start to living a healthy life.
Reading all the posts and the progress I had made and then looking at where I am now is just so depressing.
Thinking how did I let myself get where I am now? I know how I did, I didn't continue to take care of me. I put everything else in front of taking care of me. When I started back to school I just slowly stopped exercising and forgot how I felt. 
So after a pity party I need to move on and get back on the take care of Bobbi Jo health band wagon.
I am feeling so unhappy with me. Not liking me, the way I look, the way I feel and the way I move.
Anyone who has ever struggled with being overweight can relate to me and the way I am feeling.
I have decided to start posting as I did before when I started the blog. A daily account for my workout, eating and what is going on in my life. After all this is my blog and my journal. 
I will be posting my goals for the week, workouts, emotional status and anything else that I need to get out of my system to help me get back and stay on track. 
Getting priorities in order are number 1 right now. 
Bobbi Jo 


  1. Hi Bobbi Jo, you are a trooper and I wish I could get back to my dieting as well. Somehow it seems I'm not as dedicated as I was before. A couple of years ago my daughter, Risa, told me about your blog and I have followed it since. I was going through a lot of the same dieting issues as you and she wanted me to start a diet blog but I don't have the nerve. I must get back to the dieting again so I will be checking in with your blog to give me some enthusiasm. We can do this! Take care.

    1. Millie,
      So great to hear from you. Thank you for commenting. I would love to be a support to each other in this journey. You can email me at or find me on Facebook. We can do this! I have found a renewed commitment to live a healthy life and make me the best healthiest person I can be. Hope to hear from you. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


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