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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'v Fallen And I Can't Get Up

I have fallen off the take care of myself fitness wagon. I have hit a state of depression. Feeling sick, hurting knees and just feeling sorry for myself. I am really trying to pull myself out of this slump any suggestions? I hate this feeling of just wanting to eat my way through this depression. Life is so stressful right now and I know this is a large part of the feelings I am having.

I had last blogged on Friday it was Day 48. Now it is day 52. I am not eating as clean as I know I need to or exercising as much as I truly need to. I am feeling it in my body and my spirit is suffering.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


  1. Come over today and we will take a walk around my neighborhood.

  2. Oh man, I wish I could help in some way! We all need to stop beating ourselves up and love ourselves more!! Easier said than done, huh? At least hot chocolate weather is over, right?? However, WALKING weather is upon us, so I think the walk with Coco is a great idea. Don't give up, just load up on veggies and water as much as you can and do SOMEthing active. Painting is good and burns a lot of calories. :D

  3. Did you read my creed when you visited? Oh thanks Miss Idaho for your sweet comments!

    I too am an Idaho girl from SE Idaho. Poky is where I was born and raised and our first home was in I.F. My mom is in I.F.

    Now it is your blog catching my eye! I have gained 20 pounds lately and ready need to start to MOVE it and it harder to lose when you get older.

    JUST love yourself and who you are....A daughter of Father in Heaven who loves YOU!

    Hopefully then this chub will fall:)

    Hugs and best of luck,


  4. Hi Bobbi Jo, my daughter, Risa, told me about your blogs. I too am trying to eat better and lose weight (lots of weight). It goes good then I gain a few pounds and that's a real downer. My husband too is trying to lose weight and he keeps telling me that if we slip off the tract just get back on tract tomorrow and just let today go. It helps and I keep plugging but I wish the weight loss was more. I find the exercise extremely hard to keep up with and I wish I could get beyond that. So anyway, I hope you can get back on tract too. It's a very hard road but I do believe it's achieveable. Then mental part is as hard as the eating! Take care and good luck.


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