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Saturday, January 12, 2013

WARNING..........Getting Real

Warning: The following pictures could scare you or make you lose your last meal!!!! 

I have decided for me to be truly accountable even if no one else reads this blog ever I need a record of my transformation. Therefor I took these pictures with much reservation, mind you and very much hesitation as to seriously posting these on the computer let alone my blog for whoever to see. 
One of my biggest fears is a dear friend who helped me a few years back when I started on a journey to lose weight follows my blog, this scares the tar out of me for her to see these. 
But as my mentor and favorite instructor in massage school said "Face your fear and fear will disappear."
I don't know if this is true about the truth of letting yourself go as bad as I have. 
I have abused my body so much. 
So I decided every month on the 12TH I will take an updated photo in the same clothing. 
Front view weighing???? Yeah right NO WAY not read for that. 
 Side view. OH MY WORD look at that stomach. This just makes me want to PUKE.
 I am so sorry my body for what I have done to you. 
Can you see the fatty foods hanging on those arms and thighs. 
That stomach make me so sad and scared.
What have I done to myself? It is terrible. 
 And another side view, with arm out of the way.
No I am not smelling my arm pit. I was trying to move my arm and hide my face. 
I was seriously on the verge of crying.
Look at that butt I swear it has moved down 4 inches and out 6. Some day in the near future it will be up where it was before and smaller, but not to small. I think it is one of my best assets.
Can you see all of those stinking hamburgers on my stomach? I can.
All the neglect is no longer happening.
I will become the mean, lean, clean-eating machine in 2013.
 Please don't stop following due to the pictures.
Healthy Living, Bobbi Jo

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  1. I'm proud of you for posting these! That's tough stuff right there. And I am so glad to see you taking charge and changing yourself. I want you and dad to be around for all the grandkids!


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