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Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Equipment & Weight

The day after Christmas my husband Alan came home and said he needed help getting things out of his truck.
I went out to help him and he had bough this for me. Of course it was in the box so it had to be put together. I was so excited. We saw this at Big 5 when we went to pick out my sneakers and I said I would love to have one someday. 
I tell you what I am SO out of shape. I didn't realize it until I first got off of it. 
I was a  little wobbly and legs a bit sore.
I have been working out on it every day. I am slowly working my way up a little more each day.
It is a great switch.

I will be posting my life resolutions in the next few days. I am STILL tweaking them with details. 

Now I know I shouldn't have but I just felt like I should weigh myself again this morning. 
I lost 1 more pound. 
After yesterdays weigh in I was super excited to see this. 
Still working on portion control. This is a major problem for me. 
And now for a little motivational humor
Would love to hear what you are doing with your new year.
Eating clean in 2013 and working towards being lean. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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