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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Daily Progress Day-13

This morning I was a little sluggish on getting moving. I got enough sleep but could have slept even more.
I did my workout a Mile power walk with lower body workout. I have not progressed to using the weights. on the lower body to do squats or anything like that. My knees are not ready for that but I am doing what I can. My poor knees are doing all they can to keep me up. The workout felt good. I was doing really good in the warm up and then all of the sudden when it was time for the real work my thighs felt like led. What's up with that? Gosh I got through it and had a soy protein shake after that. It says it is suppose to help rebuild the lean muscle. It is by EAS, yummy!
Coco and I went out shopping today so I packed an orange and a nutrition bar to take with me. So far so good and since there is only 1 meal and 2 snacks left I am going to do fine.
Addition to my post from yesterday: Last night I am sitting on the couch watching Biggest Loser and got up to get my water and thought okay this is nuts I should be on the Treadmill watching. So I got my close changed and laced up my sneaker and off I went. I was on for 20 min. at the fat burning pace. Then I got off and that is when the trainer Bob lost it. He was dropping the F bomb right and left and boy did he scare me. Sheesh!! I don't think I would have argued with him I probably would have been crying. I hate being yelled at.
Have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


  1. Dang Joell should have kept her mouth shut.... At least you went and worked out while it was on I sat on the couch watching/smelling Kyle eat beef jerky. tempting. arg.

  2. I keep telling mark I want my elliptical upstairs in front of the TV so I can watch TV while I far no go. I am going to check out the gym by Taco Bell though, I went on there onceand no trainers or anyone was there who could answer questions. I'm going to look into it again for sure!


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