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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Weigh In Day- Week 5 Challange

This morning I wasn't thrilled with the weight loss but understanding that muscle weighs more that fat so I am excited about the measurement numbers. I lost almost 1 pound. I have lost 1.5 inches each bicep, 3 inches in the waist, 2 inches in the hips, 1 inch each thigh, 1/2 in each calf. So this is a grand total of 11 inches off. YEAH!! I am thrilled with the inches lost.
My jeans are fitting a lot more lose than before even after freshly washed. My arms are getting tone and my bicep actually pops up when I make a muscle. More important I have energy to last through the day. I seriously am more happy now that I am taking better care of me.

Week 5 Challenge
What I will be concentrating on this week:
Mind: Progress not perfectionist. Meaning I can do 80% and it will still be okay.
Protectionism is the enemy of DONE! I am not going for perfectionism just to be healthy, lean, and HOT!!

Mouth: Watch out for stress eating. I am doing better at this. Keeping in mind of what my goal is and exercising every day helps so much. I am a work in progress.

Muscle: Medicating with Movement. This means that instead of turning to food I will either meditate or exercise when I am struggling with issues in life. Working out the stress and doing something about it other than leaning on my old habits.
So even though I didn't lose weight I have gained muscle and I am toning up.

I did my 2 mile power walk this morning with upper body work out. My knee was feeling the workout from the past 3 days with so much leg work but I did okay.
I don't think I am eating enough. I am hungry constantly so I need to switch around some foods to figure out what will help with this that is healthy.
Any suggestions Janel??? Could use the help.
Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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  1. Hey at least your sticking to it and working out. I am a little shabby with that! HAH!


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